Marching into 2016

We are less than 24 hours away from the beginning of a new year. Yes, you may take a few seconds to sink in that nostalgic thought.

A new year defines a myriad of things for everyone – for some it was the year of graduation, some moved into a new house, couples became parents for the first time, a year of learning for some and for some a year of survival. Nonetheless, a year gone by is always a memorable one as it never returns.

We at Zapluk would like to tour back in 2015 to share with our readers the milestone of a year that 2015 has been for us.

The idea:

Best friends and BITS Pilani Alumni, Manan Maheshwari, Mahesh Teja Gogineni and Chakradhar Dandu idealized Zapluk in August 2015.

As the saying goes “all big things have small beginnings”. Although the idea was formed in August, the brainstorming, discussions, agreements and even disagreements had begun way in advance trying to form a whole and complete vision. The vision to create a beauty, wellness and fitness network for the customers to use the services as well as share their experiences with others.

 What next? 

An idea is pointless unless you act on it. Working with the right associates and advisors was the next task in line.

We would like to use this platform to thank and express our gratitude to the associates and advisors for being the first mate as we smooth sail through these months.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.14.54 pm

We’re live:

Before the drum rolls began, we decided to make some noise. We did a soft-launch on October 25th 2015 by sponsoring our services at Advaita – India’s International Management Fest in ISB, Hyderabad.

Zapluk was launched on November 1st 2015, giving Hyderabad its first online beauty, wellness and fitness services app. If only you could sense the pride in us; drum rolls

Having started our services with an unexpected booking of eight orders on our very first day, no doubt the day was full chaos. Yet the team enjoyed watching every dream turn to reality.

We got an overwhelming response and our first customers being from ISB received special goodies.

Going up:

As we continue to provide quality and timely services daily, we since then participated in various events such as:

1. Goan Carnival

Ready to go!
Even this heat didn’t stop us
Our satisfied clients

2. Residentials

3. Sky Fest

Within the few weeks of its launch, Zapluk now boasts of hundreds of services with a rating of 4* (out of 5*) with 90% of our customers.



We are proud to pamper our customers with quality service with our range of services. Our customer reviews for our professionals are a testimony to this fact.

Hence, at Zapluk our resolutions for 2016 are pretty clear – we intend to come up with wider range of services with better quality also keeping in mind the improvements suggested by our customers.

We are marching into 2016 with pride and determination to keep pampering you always!

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Until 2016, wish you all a fit and fabulous new year!

New Year


Winter is coming! Are you ready?

Dipping temperatures, cool breeze, festive mood, hot coffee dates, and that nostalgic feeling of nearing the end of a memorable year.

Its that time of the year when everyone gets their best winter wear out looking chic and fashionable. But isn’t that something every women wants to look like every day all days of the year? Unfortunately how you look outside doesn’t necessarily mean you feel the same inside.

What about the all the changes this body handles with dipping temperatures?

So here is a simple lazy girls’ guide on how to take care of skin and hair in this lovely yet cold season and still look as happy as summer.



  1. Going lazy this season helps

Just washing your hair less often will help you retain the shine. Reduce washing your hair to no more than 3 times a week.

  1. Experimenting is the safest

The winter breeze makes the hair messy and so dull right? Use the naturally messy hair to style them in different hairdos (shown below). Taking a break from the heat tools also saves your hair from all the moisture being sucked. ZapLuk will help you get the look you need. Plus you can carry them off so well with your winter wear – messy and so chic!



  1. As much as you may hate it – Oil it

Oiling your hair regularly will help in blood circulation and keep your hair scalp moisturized. A hot oil massage from ZapLuk is all that you need.

desperate girl with a smile painted on paper

  1. Wear or not?

Hoodies, caps, scarves, etc. make a great style statement but they can also be a reason for hair damage and breakage especially at the nape of your neck and forehead. Wear them such that they are comfortable enough to leave sufficient space for air circulation in the scalp.


  1. Keep the dandruff away

Avoiding the use of styling chemicals in winter. These chemicals dry your hair causing dandruff. Use lukewarm water instead of hot water as it can reap off the scalp from moisture.


  1. Sunscreen for Winters?

Wear a sunscreen when you step out. In fact, wear sunscreen every day of the year especially in winters. This is the time when you think you don’t need it but you really do.


  1. Say no to deodorants

Did you know deodorants contain high alcohol content? These products strip away the skin’s moisture leaving it dry. Plus you hardly sweat in winters so its best to avoid. Try alcohol-free products instead.

  1. Keep it handy!

A moisturizer must become a companion in your daily routine. A must have in your travel kit as well. They keep your skin, especially exposed skin such as hands, face and lips hydrated and soft. If you are worried about having greasy hands, there are non-greasy creams as well.

  1. Pout it

Winter makes lips crack and dry. Lip balms and creams will help you eradicate this problem. If you are out of lip balm, coconut oil is healing too. Before applying the balm, scrub and rub the lips to remove and dead skin layers.

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  1. Eat and drink well

Eating a healthy diet full of nutrients and vitamins is the best way to keep your hair and skin from looking and feeling healthy. Drink enough water to keep your skin and hair hydrated from within. Eating well will make you feel great too! If you have trouble with maintaining a balanced diet then take multivitamins, but remember that this is not an effective replacement for the real thing.

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Well all this for a few winter weeks, then you can go back to your old habits including long hot showers, deodorants, straight hair, and all else that you follow.

Take care of your look and no matter the temperature, ZapLuk will help you get the look you want at the convenience of your warm cozy home this winter.